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Prefab, Eco Dollhouse

For the tiny modernist in your home, this dollhouse won’t disappoint.

FFFFound Me?

A Poem

Don’t Waste Your [Hardship]

Some of you know that I have been sick for about two years. (If you don’t know, it’s been due to a combo of birth control messing with my hormones, REALLY LOW cholesterol, and a gluten-intolerance. As Joshua says, we’re on a House-ian search to find what the heck is wrong with my health). Being […]

Shipra Panosian

My friend Shipra has become an amazing photographer. LOVE her sense of color.

Sink Toilet

This sink / toilet is definitely efficient, but I wonder, are you supposed to wash your face here too?

Natural Remedies for Allergies & Infections

Behold the healing powers of nature. I can tell you from personal experience that these remedies REALLY help.

Igloo Midgies

A Poem