Natural Remedies for Allergies & Infections

Behold the healing powers of nature.

I can tell you from personal experience that these remedies really help. Try adding them to your diet and daily routine.

And for anyone with an infection, ingest the following natural anti/pro-biotics (they deal with the bad bacteria without killing all the good):

A special note to those with asthma:
Look at what cleaners you use or any fragrance you constantly encounter. Cleaners like Clorox and Tilex, etc. are known lung irritants, and anything that lists “fragrance” as an ingredient should be off-limits, even perfumes. (Companies are not legally required to list the potential hundreds or thousands of ingredients in their “fragrances.”) Instead, try using essential oils to make your home and body smell good. I make my own perfume using jojoba oil, orange oil, and frankincense.