Metal Star, found object, Canton, Texas, July 2016

Part of an Instagram Art Show

I bought this star with my mom two summers ago when I was in Texas for a month awaiting my niece’s arrival. I am an eighth generation Texan on my daddy’s side. My mother’s family may have been in the state for longer. I’m currently in the car with Moses and two of my mom’s best friends, headed from Dallas to Tyler to see her in the hospital.

My mama is having open-heart surgery tomorrow. It is sudden. It is surprising. We are thankful for God’s protection over her. A time-appropriate calcium test led to a stress test and echocardiogram which led to a heart catheterization that revealed two clogged arteries. So tomorrow she’s having a double bypass. The doctor says she has a 99% chance of coming through just fine. I’ll take those odds and a whole lotta prayer, too.

If you know my mom, you know she is a force. A woman of faith and fire and fun. Candita Veronica Morales Lewis will not be trifled with. “Among all the changes and chances of this mortal life, [may she] ever be defended by thy gracious and ready help; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” (from the Book of Common Prayer)