A Time for Prayer

As a little girl, I believed whatever your birthdate was, that was your Psalm. I was born July 27th, so Psalm 27 has always been my favorite. Etta was born January 18th, so after she was born, Joshua designed this poster of Psalm 18 for her bedroom.

Recently my sister encouraged me to put up a prayer wall in our apartment to ask the Lord for specific things and watch Him come through. It’s been a long, hard season, and I need some faith building time. Oh God, meet me here, please.

When I was in high school, our church had a PUSH prayer list: Pray Until Something Happens. We believed that God would either grant our requests or change our hearts about the things for which we were praying. I prayed for friends and family to come to know Jesus; I prayed for provision; I prayed for a husband, children, a home, jobs, and countless things I don’t remember. I believed, and I saw the Lord work–many times over the course of years, way longer than I ever hoped I’d be praying. Some things I prayed for came true; others He changed my heart about. Others I have yet to know the answer.

The Christian life is not karmic. You do not receive back what you put into it. Rather, we get what we do not deserve, grace, because Jesus came to take God’s wrath on our behalf. Sin is real, people are not perfect, and the world around us is terribly broken. But God gives us His Spirit to overcome. “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33b). I do not believe because I am good. I am not. And lately I’m having an incredibly hard time believing. But God is good, and He tells me to ask, to seek, to knock (Matthew 7:7-12). I am stepping out here in an act of willful obedience, despite what many experiences have taught me. And yet, also in tune with God’s past provision in the face of impossible circumstances. He has worked miracles in my life before. Maybe He will this time too.