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Shop-Keep, The End of a Season

Circumstances lined up perfectly, but not at all the way we assumed they would.

Inconspicuous Production

Money may make things easier, but it doesn’t make people better.

Toys Should Grow One’s Imagination

Children like and need to use their imaginations

Couples Aprons

A New Project

Craft In the Bible

He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work

Unfulfilled Goals, Boo

How do you pick yourself up again and start over?

Five Aprons in Five Days

Etsy is a wonderful website where a person can find all manner of delightfully handmade items. Technically, I have a store on Etsy. But technically, it is sort of defunct. That is to say, I have nothing for sale there. Today. So in the spirit of being EXTREMELY productive and reviving our beloved store, Kingdom […]